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Remote Line

Your World Wide Virtual Number

The Remote Line service opens up a world of possibilities. With a local US number in any major city, you can give yourself or your business a local US presence no matter where you are in the world.

Your personal phone number will be forwarded directly to your existing personal or business phone, without any extra equipment or software. If you already have a VOIP system, you can also forward this number to your existing ATA adapter and receive calls directly to your organization's phone system. We also offer a Remote Plus plan, which allows you to not only receive calls, but also make unlimited calls to the US (cell and landlines) and Brazil (landlines only).

The Ultranet Advantage

  • No contracts or minimum terms. Satisfaction guaranteed or you can cancel our services at any time.
  • One fixed monthly cost - no overages or expensive per-minute rates.
  • Your associates or personal relationships will reach you as if you were locally in the US - there is no indication that your number is being forwarded.
  • No quantity or time restraints - receive as many calls as you would like, and talk for as long as you want.
  • You have full online control over where your phone number will be forwarded to.
  • Total compatibility with all phones and phone systems.
  • No equipment, internet connection or software needed. Your phone will ring as if you were receving a call through your main number.

Plan Characteritics Remote Line Remote Plus
Unlimited incoming calls Yes Yes
Full online control? Yes Yes
Free calls to Brazil (fixed) and US (landlines/fixed)? No Yes
Limit on number of minutes for incoming calls? No No
Exclusive number in the US or Brazil? Yes Yes
Installation (one time cost) US$10 US$10
Monthly Cost US$10 US$20


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