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Data Center Structure

Why should you have a dedicated server in our data centers?
We have multiple locations in the US and in Brazil. In the US, our data centers are strategically located in Miami, a major port to all Latin America countries. In Brazil, we have locations in the country's most prominent city centers - Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza.
All of our data centers offer a redundant infrastructure, providing the ideal environment for our services.

Our Network
Our data centers are connected to the internet through Gigabit connections using separate backbones, where each fiber optic cable connects through separate entry points and creates a perfectly rendundant environment.

All of our data centers have 24/7 manned security, and all registered visitors must be appropriately identified prior to entry. Additionally, all guests must be escorted by a registered person. All of our circuits are proactively monitored 24/7, and all our facilites are under strict video surveillance to ensure the highest level of security.

Power / Energy
We have a total energy supply multiple times what would be actually needed to successfully run the datacenter. We have an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) to automatically transition to the generator in case of failure. The datacenters are also equipped with redundant UPS systems to ensure adequate energy supply.

Cooling Systems
Redundant air conditioning systems, running on a fraction of their capacity, keep a properly cooled room to ensure maximum performance of the servers. Units alternate consistently to maintain each one in optimal condition.

Advanced Smoke Detection System and Fire Protection Systems
The data centers are equipped with specialized systems for detecting and extinguishing fires with an agent used specificaly to protect technical equipment. Common water extinguishing systems can cause more damage than fire to servers and other electric equipment.

Quick access and reduced latency
With multiple locations, we offer you the flexibility of finding the best location for your servers in the most convienient manner to your business.

White Labeled Architecture
Our Data Center is a cluster of globally distributed redundant servers to provide your website hosting options. We can White Label your servers and IP's so they cannot be traced back to us. If you are one of our Resellers, then the notes of host and server IPs can be traced to your company.


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Transport Brazil X USA
In the next few days will be activated a new circuit provided by China Telecom.
This circuit will connect Terremark Miami - US to our Datacenter in Sao Paulo - Brazil.
Ir will be a Lan2Lan circuit and will expand the capacity of our network in this segment.

We keep growing!! ... Read more
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