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Your company's servers store sensitive information, which is often the backbone to your organization.
Hosting your servers inside your own facilities leaves your data vulnerable and creates unnecessary costs.

Our colocation facilities eliminate the complexity and costs associated with maintaining your own infrastructure.
We also provide the ideal environment for your valuable equipment - fully redundant energy generators, climate controlled temperatures, 24/7 security, and 24 hour hands-on support. Not only does this give you better peace of mind, but it also increases the useful life of your equipment and hardware, saving you money in the long run.

In Brazil, we own our private data center in the center of Sao Paulo-SP and also own colocation facilities in Fortaleza-CE. We are also inside premier data centers, such as Alog/Equinix DataCenters in Rio de Janeiro-RJ (RJ-1), Sao Paulo-SP (SP-1), Tambore-SP (SP-2) and also Teleporto (Alta) in Rio de Janeiro-RJ.

In the United States, we have a strong presence at the ColoHouse and Terremark facilities in Miami, FL.

Our colocation service provides your organization with the the infrastructure of a multi-million dollar data center, including 24 hour access, security and redundancy. We also offer bandwidth options, as well as 24x7x365 monitoring and fully managed services for your equipment.

We understand that as companies grow, their colocation needs do as well. To accommodate your needs, we offer solutions ranging from one server (spot) to a full rack of space.

Buy Colocation services in: MIAMI/ BRAZIL

Type Description
Spot Up to 4U for one (01) server (tower case, desktop, rackmountables) or any other equipment - 1.0 Amp
Quarter Rack 10U for any equipments - up to 10 Amps
Half Rack 20U for any equipments - 10 Amps
Full Rack 40U for any equipments - 20Amps

Buy Colocation services in: MIAMI/ BRAZIL


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Transport Brazil X USA
In the next few days will be activated a new circuit provided by China Telecom.
This circuit will connect Terremark Miami - US to our Datacenter in Sao Paulo - Brazil.
Ir will be a Lan2Lan circuit and will expand the capacity of our network in this segment.

We keep growing!! ... Read more
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